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Sharpham Sparkling 2013Sharpham Sparkling Reserve NVSharpham Sparkling Pink NVSharpham Rosé 2015Sharpham Whole Berry Rosé 2016Sharpham Estate Selection Dry 2015Sharpham New Release 2016Sharpham Dart Valley Reserve 2015Sharpham Barrel Fermented 2013Sharpham Bacchus 2014Sharpham Pinot Noir and Précoce 2013Sharpham Summer Red 2013Sharpham Red 2014Beenleigh Reserve Red NVSummer Wine CaseJudges PickWine Voucher


A world of fine English wines


At the forefront of vine growing and wine making in the UK, Sharpham is widely recognised as producing some of England's most outstanding wines. We have been producing wine for nearly twenty five years. Our wines are stylish and offer intense fruit flavours and aromas, which are made from carefully selected grape varieties grown on our own sheltered slopes overlooking the River Dart, and occasionally from other carefully selected vineyards across England. Traditional and new world techniques are employed resulting in a range of distinctive and carefully balanced wines. Our spectacular awards tally includes Regional, National and International medals.